Maria K Hats Bespoke with Flair

Maria Koruz, a New York native, discovered early on while other girls played with their dolls, Maria chose to create outfits and hats for her toys. She finally learned how to use a sewing machine in home economics class at school. Learning this incredible skill helped things take off for Maria. Although she always wore a hat, once she attended art school, expanding her color palette, her hat designs took on a more dramatic flair. She purchased new and old vintage hats to mix and match along with the addition of her personal embellishments to create unique chapeaux. Maria decided it was time to take on more concentrated courses at F.I.T. After the F.I.T. classes, she studied with numerous millinery teachers learning different techniques, styles and fabrics along the way.


Through hard work and perseverance, Maria's style and millinery sense continues to evolve! The right hat can go anywhere at any time, day or night. Everyone can wear a hat! Every person can look good in a hat! People simply need to search for the hat of their dreams. The best hat must fit their face and personality.


              " As the Shakers once said. If you are going to make something make it practical, make it beautiful."

   Milliners Guild member

photos - d kelly photography